The sixth issue of the AtomSphere has been published

12/7/21 9:25 AM
The December issue of Paks II. Ltd.'s corporate magazine is available online and in print form.

A picture says more than a thousand words - this is the general truth that István Mittler, Communications Director, begins his recommendation of the latest issue of the AtomSphere with. In the December issue, photography is a recurring theme, as it is also covered in the Common Denominator and Familiar Faces sections.

On the first pages of the magazine, the readers will find an overview of the energy policy from minister János Süli, and the readers will also be able to learn about the work of the Financial Division of the company, gain insight into the company’s radioactive waste management concept, and an analysis of how each type of power plants respond to changes in the various fuel prices.

The corporate magazine will once again report on the work in the construction and erection base and deals with the regional development tasks related to the investment.

The latest, sixth issue of the AtomSphere is also available on