Paks II. project company submitted its site license application

10/28/16 6:00 AM
The establishment of the new nuclear power plant units reached another milestone, since on 27 October 2016 the project company submitted its site license application to the competent authority, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority.

Acquiring the site lisence is two-step process. The first step was when the project company compiled the program of the site investigation and evaluation, which was approved by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA) in November 2014. That program was made with the broad and detailed knowledge of the site. Its purpose was to  take advantage of the technical capabilities of the 21st century and define the standards of the site on an advanced technical and scientific level. While preparing the program, the currently operating nuclear establishments’ site investigation and analysis data were also used as well.

During the second step the site investigation and evaluation program was implemented. The process was accompanied by a multi-level control. The goal of the site investigation and evaluation is to identify every natural and human circumstances, characterize their effects on design of the nuclear power plant and verify the safety. The site license application has to prove the site is fit for establishing a nuclear power plant. The site license application must also present the data obtained during the site investigation. The date representing the on-site dangers must be available and these should be taken into consideration when designing the nuclear power plant.

The works of the Geological Research Program did not stop at night (deep drilling work next to Madocsa, May 2016)
The key statement of the site investigation and evaluation is that the site is suitable for accomodating new nuclear power plant units. The site features were defined by a technical and scientific standard, and as these are taken into account, and by the compliance of the safety regulations the new units can be designed and established.

The HAEA authorized the site license application. The date and locale of the public hearing (which is part of the licensing process) will be specified by the competent authority, and will provide information in a notice. The Paks II. project company will also report about the date and locale of the public hearing.

(Photos: Tamás Nagy, MVM Paks II. Ltd.)