The new name of the project company also indicates: Paks II. has entered the stage of implementation

10/9/17 6:00 AM
The project company responsible for the implementation of the two new units operates under the name of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. In addition to the company name, the new dynamic logo indicates too that the investment has entered the implementation phase.

The decision taken by the European Commission on 6 March 2017, published in detail on 6 October 2017, confirms that the project for maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant will be an investment of strategic importance for energy policy for Hungary, which will also generate profits, but it also specifies that Paks II. needs to be functionally and legally independent from the operator of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. Although this has been achieved by seceding from the MVM Group in 2014, it is important that the separation is clearly reflected in the company’s name.

The new company name is Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., or Paks II. Ltd.

According to the new name, the two new nuclear power plant units will not only be built, but at least for 60 years in the service of the Hungarian population and economy will provide cheap, safe, climate-friendly electricity generation. The merged logo of the new P-letter and the Roman two reflects the spirit of the above mentioned, while also summoning the Play / Start button, which is a sign of start-up, progress and forward-looking.

The graphic design was made entirely from the company's own resources, without the involvement of an external partner: the logo and the image designs were prepared by the company's employee Tamás Nagy.