Successful public hearing in Paks

12/15/16 7:00 AM
There was a public hearing as part of the site licensing process on 13 December 2016 in Paks, organized by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. The interested asked dozens of questions during the more than 3 hours long event, while the experts everything in great details.

Before the public hearing dr. Attila Aszódi government commissioner and István Mittler communications director informed the press about the site licensing process. Dr. Attila Aszódi highlighted that the most complex investigation of the last few decades proved the Paks site is suitable to establish the new nuclear power plant units here.

Gyula Fichtinger CEO of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA) greeted the interested and the experts at the hearing, following the news conference, then Mihály Lehota, Head of Department of the HAEA presented the site licensing process, its requirements and legal background.
Following this dr. Attila Aszódi reported about the site investigation’s process, results and key findings. He presented his lecture with several photos and videos.

In the last part of the public hearing questions were asked, and the experts answered them. Most of the questions were about physics and nuclear safety, but several of them were about the cooling of the new units.

After the public hearing Szabolcs Hullán deputy director general of nuclear safety (HAEA) informed the interested about the next steps of the site licensing, then Gyula Fichtinger, CEO of HAEA closed the event.